Damaged Series

The Damaged series includes seven books with each novel following a separate couple. Additionally, In the Wind is a spin-off standalone story set a dozen years in the future about Cooper’s sister and Harlow and Winnie’s brother Jace. Finally, Sunday Morning is a short story about how Kirk and Jodi met.

Damaged Reading Order

  1. Beast (Cooper/Farah)
  2. Knight (Judd/Tawny)
  3. Cobra (Aaron/Lark)
  4. Outlaw (Vaughn/Raven)
  5. Dragon (Nick/Bailey)
  6. Bulldog (Dylan/Winnie)
  7. Saint (Saint/Harlow)
  8. In the Wind (Jace/Sawyer)
  9. Sunday Morning (Kirk/Jodi)
  10. Right Amount of Wrong (Gunnar/Vidalia)

*All books are Amazon exclusive and available with Kindle Unlimited.

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