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Rich S.O.B. is LIVE at Amazon!

Exclusively at Amazon and Available with Kindle Unlimited Rich S.O.B.: A Romantic Comedy Book Summary Who is Asher Ferrer? Filthy rich? Yep! Deliciously attractive? Oh, yeah! Fastidiously solitary? So much so! With a life meticulously organized, Asher remains perfectly isolated from people and their loud, messy problems. Until Junie skates into his life. If the handsome hermit wants to win over his… Read more →

Right Amount of Wrong is LIVE!

Amazon Exclusive Available w/Kindle Unlimited Book Summary Club enforcer and former cage fighter, “Ogre” O’Keefe just met the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, Vidalia was drunk off her ass at the time and can’t remember him or his sexy kisses. To make matters worse, she’s sworn off men, even handsome ones with sad eyes like Ogre. He can win her… Read more →

“Snake Charmer” is LIVE exclusively at Amazon!

Live at Amazon Dad was an outlaw. Mom was the daughter of The Man. I’ve never belonged in either world, always stuck somewhere in between. My job with the sheriff’s department pays the bills, but I’m faking my way through life. No one is the least bit interested in seeing behind my mask until Journey Sheerer. My temperamental temptress knows… Read more →